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Super Offer Mabroom Vip (2Kg)

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2 Kg Mabroom (VIP)

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Mabroom Dates:

Are you looking to elevate your snacking experience? Look no further – our online shop brings you the finest  Khajoor, cherished for their exceptional quality and delectable flavor. With a rich history rooted in Saudi Arabia, these imported Mabroom Dates are a treasure for date lovers worldwide.

Unveiling the Delicacy:

Indulge in the uniqueness and deliciousness of Mabroom Khajoor. Each date boasts a dark brown glossy exterior that houses a sweet, caramel-like flavor. The soft, chewy texture invites you to savor every bite, reminiscent of a sweet raisin-like treat.

From Madina Munawara to You:

Our Dates hail from the revered city of Madina Munawara, carrying the essence of its holiness. Al Madinah Al Munawwarrah Dates are known to Muslims as a holy date, symbolizing purity and divine connection.

The Assurance of Quality:

With us, quality is paramount. Our Mabroom Khajoor are meticulously sourced to ensure they meet the highest standards. Each date is a testament to excellence, perfect for snacking on its own or incorporating into various recipes.

Experience Convenience and Trust:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We offer you the unique advantage of inspecting your parcel before making any payment, prioritizing your peace of mind. This assurance sets us apart, giving you the confidence to order your Dates from us.

Shop Now and Savor:

Ready to elevate your snacking game? Explore our exclusive collection of  Dates, available for online shopping in Pakistan. Discover the premium quality, unique flavor, and soft chewy goodness that Mabroom Khajoor bring to the table.

Connect with Us:

Stay updated with our latest offerings and promotions by following us on Facebook and Instagram. For a seamless snacking experience, trust our website to deliver the finest  Dates at your doorstep.

Why Choose Us:

  • Premium Quality: Our Mabroom Dates are a cut above the rest.
  • Authentic Source: Directly from Madina Munawara, the holy city.
  • Convenient Payment: Check the parcel first, then pay – your satisfaction assured.
  • Delicious Flavor: Enjoy the caramel-like sweetness of Mabroom Khajoor.
  • Trusted Tradition: Date lovers’ favorite choice for a reason.

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8 reviews for Super Offer Mabroom Vip (2Kg)

  1. Waseem

    received nice service and best quality

  2. Saim Ali


  3. zeesha

    it’s nice product good quality good packing and fresh item

  4. ali hassan

    fresh dates, Great quality, satisfied from seller, recommend to purchase

  5. ali

    Good product rcv. Highly recommended

  6. abdul qudoos

    A1 fresh quality and timely delivery.

  7. zahid khan

    Very good. Highly recommended. Same as shown in picture. Very tasty

  8. raju

    یہ بہت فریش ہے ٹیسٹ بھی اچھا ہے مزے دار ہیں تیل والی بالکل بھی نہیں

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