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Medjool Palestine

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Medjool Palestin Dates are the world’s most famous type of dates known as the king of dates.

They are  rare and exotic gourmet delicacy, due to their large size and unique impressive taste.

The Jordanian Medjool Date is known for its supreme incomparable quality and distinct taste due to the perfect climate and soil in the Jordan Valley.

This ensures the supreme quality and the very unique taste of every pack of Abu Ayyash Medjool Dates that is different than any other dates grown internationally.

Post-Harvest is one of the most crucial processes in the production of Medjool dates where we focus on sorting our Medjool dates into three main categories: size, loose skin, and moisture content.

We use the best practices of hygiene and quality control to ensure every pack meets our customers’ expectations.

They are not only nutritionally dense fruits but also have a long shelf life in their dried form.

The nutrients that provide the many health benefits of Medjool dates include dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, copper, B family vitamins, vitamin A, magnesium, and calcium.


500 Gram, 750 Gram, 1 Kg


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