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Sugai Soft

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Sugai Dates: A Unique Saudi Arabian Date Variety

Looking for a truly special treat? Look no further than Sugai dates, a distinct variety of date fruit originating from Saudi Arabia. These dates are renowned for their captivating two-toned color and texture, with a rich golden base that adds to their allure.

Delicious, and Uniquely Textured

Sugai dates are not just a delight to the eyes, they also offer a delightful burst of flavor. With their soft, chewy texture and sweet taste,  Grown in the fertile lands of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, these dates are carefully imported from Madina Shareef, ensuring their premium quality and authenticity.

A Gift of Nature with Cultural Significance

Their lusciousness and exquisite blend of crunchiness and softness create a remarkable taste experience. As a significant part of Islamic dietary practices, Sugai dates hold cultural and spiritual significance, making them a choice that aligns with tradition.

Unveiling Color Variation and Detailed Specifications

One of the distinctive features of Sugai dates is their varying color range. From medium brown to very light brown at the tip, their hues add to their visual appeal. To help you make an informed choice, detailed specifications are readily available, and you can easily compare prices from different merchants.

Experience Sugai Dates – Pay After Checking Your Parcel

We, take pride in offering Sugai dates of the utmost quality at affordable prices. We believe in ensuring your satisfaction, which is why we offer a unique policy – check your parcel first and then proceed with payment. This approach guarantees that you receive exactly what you expect, giving you the confidence to buy from us.

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Key Highlights:

  • Two-toned color and texture
  • Premium quality from Madina Shareef
  • Cultural and Islamic significance
  • Color variation adds visual intrigue
  • Detailed specifications and price comparison

Remember: First Check, Then Pay – Your Satisfaction, Our Priority.


Imported Madina Dates / Khajoor.

Savor the sweetness of Madina dates, now conveniently available online! Indulge in the rich flavor of these premium khajoor, sourced from the heart of Madina and offered to you from the comfort of your home in Pakistan. Treat yourself to the finest quality dates with just a few clicks. And guess what? With every purchase of Madina dates, get a chance to receive a complimentary blessing – a bottle of pure and refreshing Zamzam water. Quench your thirst for quality and tradition by ordering your Madina dates and Zamzam water online today!


500 Gram, 750 Gram, 1 Kg

18 reviews for Sugai Soft

  1. Saad Khan

    Best dates on best prices with best delivery service.

  2. Muhammad Nadeem

    best quality 🙂

  3. Shahid aly

    JazkAllah, kajoor bohat achi quality ki ha.

  4. Amna gul

    Jazak Allah acha tha

  5. patha khan

    bahut achcha Saman tha 💖 aur bilkul fresh tha thank u al taiba 💖🎉💖 aur itni jaldi deliver ho Gaya aur vah bhi fix price per acche rate per Mil Gaya thanks 💖🎉💖

  6. samina anjum

    excellent 💯% fresh & reasonable dates send by altaiba dates with just 100 rupes shipping fee ….. Thanks al taiba dates

  7. jahangir khan

    Superb fresh dates recieved in reasonable price as compared to local market

  8. ayaz choudry

    so excited to receive my parcel these dates was best I’m glad I’m a al taiba customers

  9. anila

    Fresh and very nice dates at doorstep, reasonable price fast delivery

  10. kamil

    Fresh Product. Excellent Quality. Thanks Al taiba dates Strongly recommanded.

  11. zafarullah

    recieved superb dates excellent work by altaiba dates just 100 shipping & reasonable Price …..
    Thanks AL taiba dates … 7 Star ☆

  12. fahad

    I was surprised to got everything with good quality, fresh dates are neat and clean, well packed, Price was very reasonable and is value for money, great shopping experience as always with taiba dates Thanks altaiba dates

  13. raja sahab

    Alhmdullilah well packed timely delivered
    bilkul fresh thy or market SE Kam rate py Mily
    thank you

  14. zahida shakeel

    wow amazing
    good AL taiba dates quality amazing
    I love quality AL taiba dates
    I love price good
    I like online Shopping on AL taiba dates
    I love you AL taiba dates

  15. junaid

    Fresh and Excellent Dates. Thanks Al Taiba . highly highly recommend.

  16. Ahsan

    I ordered sagai but This time they didn’t send sagai dates. Size was small .not satisfied.

  17. Syed Nadeem Jamshed

    Appreciate quality, rates and service. Moreover, one has the option not to accept, if not as per demand.

  18. Asad Abbasi

    Why can i write review even when i have not bought anything

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